August Tapestry

August Tapestry This painting was done during a time that I was interested in Lewis and Clark. It reminded me of a native American tapestry. Water Media  Size – 30 × 22

Monet’s Garden

Monet’s Garden My memories of Monet’s lush garden flowers, cool waters, lily pads and warm sunlight are suggested in my painting. Water media Size – 22 x 30

A Birds World

A Birds World A Bird’s World Birds fascinate me. collecting fibrous material to build their nests, foraging for food and souring in the cool air to the blue skies. Size – 30 x 22

Amazing Sundial

Amazing Sundial A Painting that specks to the constant rotation of the shadow cast by the dial. the dancing of leaves shadows makes it seem alive is as it moves in and out of the hot sun and cool shade. Size – 36 x 28

Drum Rhythms

Drum Rhythms I could hear the beat as I painted the sounds, that makes us want to do a motion dance. Size – 22 x 30